Frequently Asked Questions


If I have a logo, do I have to pay art prep fees?
Not if you provide us with a file format that we can read.

What programs do you work with?
We work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator file formats or Corel Draw.

Do I have other options for providing you with artwork?
Yes, you can provide us with camera-ready art to reduce costs.

What is camera-ready art?
It's a clean laser printout or clean copy in black and white form. You must have it close to the size you want it to appear on your product. It would be best to speak with one of our graphic artists to ensure it is camera-ready.

What if I don't have my own logo or artwork?
Our skilled graphic artists will work to develop a design that reflects your message.

What Kind Of Artwork Is Required?
All decoration methods have specific artwork requirements. Screen printing requires the image to be in a vector format (typically a .ai, .cdr or .eps extension) so that the colors can be separated. Embroidery requires a stitch file (typically a .dst extension) that tells our embroidery machines where to stitch, change color, etc. and is not a file that a graphic artist would create. It is created by companies that specialize in this area. If you have these types of files, we can usually use them. If you don’t, we can work from anything including hand-drawn sketches. Depending on the decoration method and the type of artwork available, there may be additional art charges.

How Do We Get Artwork To you?
The best way is some kind of electronic format.


What is a screen setup?
It is the process of taking your design and exposing it onto a screen. Then you use a squeegee to pass the ink through to the garment. Separate screens are used for each color.

Is there an ink change fee?
Yes, each additional color on a design requires new ink and screens.

What is flash cure?
Flash cure occurs when applying light colored ink onto darker fabrics. This requires a second push of the squeegee and a "flash" dry before the final drying process.

Who owns the screen when my job is completed?
We do. The setup fee pays for the prep fee and the cleaning of the screen after the job is done.

Is there a screen setup fee on reorders?

Is there a minimum order requirement?
We require a dozen items per color in your design.


Do you require a minimum number of items on orders?
We require a dozen items in your design.

Will having my artwork on disk prevent me from paying a digitizing fee?
No, digitizing for embroidery is different from camera-ready art. Digitizing involves a process where a file communicates with the embroidery machine and relays detailed information on where to place the stitch and what color to use.

Is there a digitizing fee on reorders?
No, as long as its the same design.  


Will you print or embroider on items I provide?
Yes, at a premium.

Can Items Be Returned?
In the unlikely event of a defect in craftsmanship, we will certainly replace any item. Returns for other reasons unfortunately can not be accepted.

Will You Ship items To Me?
Yes, if you prefer to have your items shipped via UPS, we can do so. Just let us know if this is more convenient and we will make the arrangements. In some cases, we have local delivery options available.  Charges will apply as appropriate.  We also will deliver to the local area free of charge.

Do I Need To Come In To Order?
Not necessarily. Some times we can complete a transaction over the phone or via e-mail, especially if it is a repeat order. Often, it is much easier to accurately capture the details during a personal visit.

How Long Does It Take?
Our normal turnaround is seven to ten business days. If you have a more immediate need, please let us know. We often can accommodate more compressed schedules.  Rush fees will apply.

How Much Will It Cost?
There are many factors that determine the cost and they may be different for the type of decoration method being used. For instance, the number of colors will have a significant impact on screen printing costs and no effect on embroidery. Conversely, the size of the image being put on the apparel would most likely not have an impact on screen pricing, but would certainly have an effect on the embroidery price. We can assist you in determining the most appropriate method based on your specific needs.

Is There A Set Up Fee?
Again, that depends on what your requirements are and the method of decoration. If you want to embroider a company logo on apparel, there would be a one-time fee to convert that logo into a stitch file. If you are embroidering only text, there is not a set up fee. Screen printing usually involves a screen charge. We will provide you with a written quotation outlining all of the costs prior so that you know up front exactly what things will cost.